On A Limb Lyrics

I’m not a fan of the one night stand but lord know we’ve all been there
I know a lot of ladies say “man you drive me crazy” but the feeling isn’t mutually shared
I was sick of blind dates I thought I’d hang up the skate and stop searching for the perfect girl
But out of the blue when I was watching the tube, well you stepped into my world

And if I couldn’t be your lover
I’d tear the hair out of my skin
All you wanted was another
And so I went out on a limb

My friends at school told me I was fool or just thought I was inebriated
I didn’t listen I couldn’t help myself, after all I was infatuated
My guidance counsellor told me I couldn’t love someone I’d never met
He gave me Prozac and a bottle of jack as if it was supposed to be a television supplement

And if I couldn’t be your lover
I’d call sweeny todd and ask for just a trim
All you wanted was another
And so I went out on a limb

And whether it was meetings or a business presentation
Regardless of the Ritalin you’d break my concentration
When you were on my heart would never let me change the station
Even during commercials
I knew you didn’t know me and I knew it had to change
Because the fact we’d never met was driving me insane
So I saved up all my money and I hopped on the next plane to Hollywood

I arrived on your porch with a confident smile and all the symptoms of a panic attack
I tried to be cool but was sweating like a mule and thinking “now there’s no turning back”
The girl at the door told me who I was looking for was on a date and I just missed her
But this girl and I we fell in love at first sight and it turned out to be here twin sister baby

And if I couldn’t be your lover
I’d fall in love with your twin
And all you wanted was another
Thank god I went out on a limb

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