Thank You!

What can I express other than gratitude? How fortunate have I been to have had the support of a loving family, dear friends and trusted colleagues that have all accompanied me through this long, revealing, sometimes painful process? How lucky to have had the time to devote to this creative endeavour? Since the first song on this album was written, ten years have passed, and only a few months since the last. What ties these songs together is that they are a collection of stories that have come to define for me the various periods of my life in which they were written. In a very true sense, they are the stories of my life. For those listening, I hope that there are some ideas you can relate to, and I sincerely hope that there are many ideas that you cannot. For those attending tonight’s concert, I hope our performance lives up to whatever expectations you may have, and that you enjoy the night. But most of all, I wish only to express my gratitude to those that have allowed me to create this collection of stories, these songs, this record.

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